Musical Arts And Theatre campers will have lots of fun singing, dancing and acting as well as creating a show and presenting to their parents at the end of the week.

Age Range: 6-14 (some students may be very experienced in one or more areas of singing, acting or dancing but no experience is necessary)

Students attend the camp Monday -Friday 9am-4pm everyday during the dates of their camp. The students learn vocal technique, dance choreography, acting techniques, comedy improvisation. In addition to learning the hard work of an actor - there are lots of fun games and time to meet new friends!

The camps have been very successful. The students have had a lot of fun and felt really good about their showcase at the end. In fact, most of the camp students have continued to train at Star Potential year round!

Price per week $350.
Extended Care Hours are $10 per hour for one child (must pre-booked).